"I'll wait until I'm better before I try dancing at a milonga."

I understand why students say this. 

But I HATE hearing it. I really do.

I admit I've said it myself. And looking back, it's the only thing I regret about my tango learning. Instead, I should have mustered the courage to go social dancing sooner.

Don't wait until you're "better." Or until you feel ready. Because that moment of "feeling ready" will never come. 

Many teachers and dancers tell us that the way to get better is to use our dancing in a social environment, and they're right. Of course, we don't have to dance every single song or attend every single event. 

And we don't have to "feel ready" in order to belong to our tango community.

But the more we dance, the more often we'll achieve that feeling of "getting it." We've tasted it in our classes, right? 

Not every dance will go smoothly, and not all tandas will be successful. But the more we put ourselves out there, the closer we'll be where we want to be. After all, we could only be one dance away from realizing our next personal tango milestone. 

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