Instant gratification is nice, but it doesn't exist in tango. If we're serious about tango and aim to get really good at it, we'll need a ton of commitment. It takes work and discipline...and we definitely deal with enough of that in our professional lives.

But with a commitment to tango, we have the potential to meet new friends. Tango helps us stay physically active, has a positive effect on health ailments, and is really good for our brains regardless of how old we are. People all over the world enjoy it, so we always have a community to visit when we travel. Tango is also therapeutic, which gives us something constructive to look forward to every week.

The dance is challenging, and often pushes us hard. Some nights, it wears us out. But its benefits are far reaching, and can last a lifetime. As nice as instant gratification stuff can be, does it offer any of the same?

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