Podcast Episode 56 is now online!

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Episode 56 of Joe's Tango Podcast is now online!

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My guest is an internationally acclaimed tango instructor and performer. He's also a writer, and author of the ebook Tango FAQs and Facts Book. Although he was born in Greece, he is now based out of Toronto, Canada. He has an extensive academic background in ergophysiology and biochemistry, and much of his research is dance related.

In 2003, he was nominated with the "unique research and best poster presentation award" during the International Congress of Physical Education and Sport (ICPES). But long before his days in academia, today's guest has been dancing since he was a teenager, and also has a solid background in Latin and Ballroom dance. It wouldn't be long before he'd fell in love with tango, and he started his professional career in 2006.

Let's meet Pablito Greco...

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