Why you should worry

But isn’t tango a place where we can leave our worries behind? Isn't our tango time an opportunity to de-stress from the events of the day?

Yes, but once we're at a milonga, our worries tend to shift to our current tango skills. We wonder if we're being a good leader or follower. And oftentimes we feel insecure about other details: Are we relaxing enough? Paying attention to our frame enough? Etc. 

Before long we find that we haven't stopped worrying. We feel bad about that, which only creates more negativity in our heads...which affects our dancing.

Instead of trying to suppress or avoid all worries, let's use them as a motivator to improve. And that can be through doing individual drills, or making an effort to work on certain figures at a práctica. As long as we don't let it get out of hand, worry can be a fuel that drives our dancing forward. Worry isn't something to fight against; it's just another partner we learn to dance with.

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