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Episode 114 of Joe’s Tango Podcast is now online!
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My guest today is well known as a tango teacher, event organizer, historian, and actor. In 2000, he opened Porteño y Bailarin, a very popular tango venue in Buenos Aires and has brought in numerous tango masters and musicians. In September of 2019, he was a juror at the World Tango Championship Festival, and was the first to have the 2017 world champions perform at his milonga.

Today's guest was a close friend of the late Carlos Gavito. Some of you may know that Carlos Gavito was the lead performer in the show "Forever Tango," and one of the tango world's most celebrated dancers.

A legend in his own right, today's guest is a highly sought-after living encyclopedia of tango history, dance knowledge, and philosophy.

Let's meet Carlos Stasi...

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