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Podcast Episode 94 is now online

Episode 094: When you have no time to lose - Corinne Krikorian
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My guest today has been passionate about dance all her life. After falling in love with tango, and through years of struggle, adventure, and grit, she realized her goal of dancing and teaching professionally. Based in Montreal, she holds a number of regular classes, and organizes a number of popular tango events as well. 

Let's meet Corinne Krikorian...

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Podcast Episode 91 is now online

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Episode 91 of Joe’s Tango Podcast is now online!
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My guest today is a Tango DJ who also happens to be a sound engineer. As you can imagine, he's very particular about sound quality. He makes his own high quality transfers from shellacs whenever he can obtain them. He DJ's at the Magic Roundabout Milongas, located near Bristol in the UK...

Let's meet Paul Strudwick

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Podcast Episode 88 is now online

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Episode 88 of Joe's Tango Podcast is now online!
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Ok, my guest today began his Tango journey while he was a student at Arizona State University. Later, he would become an influential presence with the ASU Tango Club, where he now teaches regular classes and guides the next generation of young dancers.

Let's meet Marco Antonio Licon...

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Podcast Episode 87 is now online

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Episode 87 of Joe's Tango Podcast is now online!
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My guest today is a bandoneon player, pianist, and hard-core tango scholar. She's really enthusiastic about promoting contemporary tango music, and encourages us to explore that rich and largely-untapped world.

At the time of this recording, my guest is very close to finishing her Masters Degree in Ethnomusicology at the University of Maryland. In the DC area, she's been part of the tango group Da Capo Tango, where she is one of two bandoneon players. She has traveled extensively, and studied and played with some of the top bandoneon players today.

Let's meet Heyni Solera...

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Music of Diego Schissi

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Podcast Episode 86 is now online

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Episode 86 of Joe's Tango Podcast is now online!
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My guest today has been a full-time tango dancer for over two decades. But she developed her passion for dance during her childhood when she started studying classical ballet.

She has taught at a number of festivals around the world, has been the mastermind behind a number of tango events, and co-founded the all-female dance company, Tango Mujer.

Based in New York City, she taught every level of tango at Dance Manhattan from 1994 - 2014. Internationally renowned as one of the foremost experts in tango, she has collaborated with a number of other world-class instructors and is widely sought out for her clear instructional style, and extensive insights on technique.

Let’s meet Rebecca Shulman...

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Podcast Episode 85 is now online

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Episode 85 of Joe’s Tango Podcast is now online!
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My guest today was born in Iran, but grew up in Africa and Russia. For quite a while, she was based in Portland, Oregon where she taught regular tango classes and workshops. Today, she is based in Los Angeles. In addition to being a tango instructor, she’s also an accomplished visual artist. We’re going to hear about how she combines movement and art, as well as her other exciting new tango projects.

Let’s meet Yelizaveta Nersesova....

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Podcast Episode 84 is now online

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Episode 84 of Joe’s Tango Podcast is now online!
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My guest today is the founder of the Rose City Tango Academy in Portland, OR. She's been dancing all her life, having started her training at the age of 3. She studied ballet, modern, and many other styles. Eventually, she happened upon Argentine Tango. 

In 2011 she began teaching tango in Seattle. Then she spent 3 years pretty much living on the road, traveling to teach, perform, and DJ in the US, Europe, and Argentina. After relocating to Portland, she established the Rose City Tango Academy where she is committed to creating a supportive, challenging, and nurturing atmosphere for tango enthusiasts.

Let's meet Liz Hutchinson...

Why you should worry

But isn’t tango a place where we can leave our worries behind? Isn't our tango time an opportunity to de-stress from the events of the day?

Yes, but once we're at a milonga, our worries tend to shift to our current tango skills. We wonder if we're being a good leader or follower. And oftentimes we feel insecure about other details: Are we relaxing enough? Paying attention to our frame enough? Etc. 

Before long we find that we haven't stopped worrying. We feel bad about that, which only creates more negativity in our heads...which affects our dancing.

Instead of trying to suppress or avoid all worries, let's use them as a motivator to improve. And that can be through doing individual drills, or making an effort to work on certain figures at a práctica. As long as we don't let it get out of hand, worry can be a fuel that drives our dancing forward. Worry isn't something to fight against; it's just another partner we learn to dance with.

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Podcast Episode 80 is now online!

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Episode 80 of Joe’s Tango Podcast is now online!
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My guest today is an amazing tango dancer known for her technique and grace - As an instructor, she's known for her patience and attention to detail. Based in Michigan, she also has a strong background in ballroom dance and is a frequent participant in numerous performances and showcases.

Let's meet Erin Rea...

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Podcast Episode 79 is now online

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Episode 79 of Joe’s Tango Podcast is now online!
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My guests today are John Miller and Jesica Cutler, both of whom are based in Colorado. John has been dancing since the age of 18. He eventually happened upon tango, and started teaching full time in 2009. He is also a very well known DJ, and has played over 1500 milongas and practicas at multiple festivals.

Jesica is a massage therapist, and in addition to tango, she teaches Lindy Hop and Blues. Much of her teaching style is focused on body mechanics, and helping students gain greater body awareness.

They have been working together since 2012, and have taught at festivals in Denver, Salt Lake City, and in Mexico.

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Podcast Episode 73 is now online

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Episode 73 of Joe’s Tango Podcast is now online!

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My guest today has spent her life immersed in art. While living in New York City, she has worked as an interior designer, writer, dancer, performance artist, and rock musician.

In 1999, she and her husband, Alberto Paz, moved to New Orleans, where she helped establish the Argentine Tango scene there. In 2002 they created the New Orleans Tango Festival. In 2009, they won the 3rd annual U.S.A. Salon Style Tango Championship. They also co-authored the book Gotta Tango, and both have been influential in the development of salon Tango in the US. Sadly, Alberto passed away in 2014, but she continues contributing to the tango community in New Orleans, hosting classes and milongas, as well as supporting other local tango events.

Let's meet Valorie Hart...

Podcast Episode 72 is now online

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Episode 72 of Joe’s Tango Podcast is now online!

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My guest today is a Tango teacher and DJ with international acclaim. He started his TANGO journey back in 2002, and has studied with a number of renown teachers such as Gustavo Naveira, Susana Miller, Alex Krebs, and Robin Thomas. Based in Ann Arbor, MI, today's guest considers himself an eternal student and is always working to move his tango forward.

Let's meet Avik Basu...

Podcast Episode 71 is now online

Hello Friends! Episode 71 of Joe’s Tango Podcast is now online!

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My guests today are Damian Lobato and Sarah Chung. They are currently based in Philadelphia, PA where they teach a number of classes and host events every week.

Sarah is known for her expressive musicality, and is very much about having her students establish a strong foundation in basic technique.

Damian was born and raised in Argentina, and began dancing in 1991. A former dentist, he decided to pursue tango full time in 2000. Since then, he has taught and performed in multiple countries.

Podcast Episode 68 is now online

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Episode 68 of Joe’s Tango Podcast is now online!
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My guest today is a central figure in the Eugene, Oregon tango community. She fell in love with tango back in 1999, and in addition to organizing classes and events, hosts learning tours in Buenos Aires.

Today's guest is not only a tango instructor, but also a writer, and filmmaker.

Let's meet Marisela Rizik...


Technique is important. We listen carefully to our instructors, and work hard to understand the concepts designed to help make us good leaders and followers. 

But we can’t get through a figure simply by thinking our way through it. If we try, we’ll lock up, get stuck, and become frustrated. 

Instead, we have to put the dance into just start! 

It might not be perfect at first, but that’s what practice is for. The more willing we are to move, the better we’ll be at trusting our bodies to execute what our brains know. By moving, we might make mistakes. At the same time, being in motion gives us the best chance of getting it right. 

But we’ll never be right if we just stand still.

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Podcast Episode 67 now online!

Episode 67 of Joe’s Tango Podcast is now online!

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My guests today are Tommy Smith and Christian Wheelihan, who are based in beautiful Boise, Idaho. 

Tommy started tango back in 2012, and soon it became an obsession. Today, he is a tango instructor, DJ, and organizer. With a background in math and engineering, Tommy is an instructor who approaches the dance with an organized, analytic method. He also teaches regular DJ workhops, and has DJ'd at Montana's Tango Uprising, the Salt Lake City Tango Festival, Tango on the Rocks, and several others. 

Christian discovered tango along with Tommy, whom she teaches with. As a professional therapist, she brings a positive, relaxed vibe. She connects easily with students, and adds an invaluable personal touch to their classes. Together, she and Tommy teach in several locations around Boise, including the student tango club at Boise State University.

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Podcast Episode 66 is now online!

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My guest is Simona Zaino. Although she's originally from Italy, she's based in Dublin, Ireland. In 2004 she and her dance partner, Hernan Catvin, established Compadrito Tango, where they teach multiple tango classes and host a number of events. Simona has taught and performed all over Europe, the US, and New Zealand.

She's also collaborated on a huge number of events, including acting and choreographing the opera Maria De Buenos Aires, which was staged at the Cork Opera House. In addition to appearing in television and radio programs, and having performed in a multitude of dance and music festivals, she also founded the International Tango Festival in Ireland, a yearly non-profit event that draws world-class tango pros, musicians, and tango aficionados from all over the world.

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Podcast Episode 65 is now online!

Hello Friends! Joe's Tango Podcast Episode 64 is now online!
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My guest today is based in the Netherlands. He is the founder of El Corte, a world-renown tango center located in the city of Nijmegen. With a background in dance education, he studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory and started teaching tango in 1987.

El corte has grown tremendously, and sees roughly 25,000 tango students a year. 

Today’s guest is also an internationally famous tango instructor and teacher, and as you can imagine, he has a packed travel schedule. He spends several weekends every month - nearly half the year - flying around the globe teaching tango.

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