Improving our tango takes a lot of practice. And when we find ourselves putting forth more and more effort, our brains often convince (or fool) us into thinking that we're doing work. And work is something we make an effort to avoid during our leisure time. We ought to be relaxing and not working so hard, right?

In a strict physical sense, we do need regular rest. But let's not conflate leisure time with lounging around, or engaging in activities that involve passive entertainment. If we think about it, spending free time doing things that don't engage our brains isn't all that enjoyable or satisfying in the long run. 

Instead, remaining mentally active during leisure time feels much better. Tango definitely keeps our minds active, but it also brings a sense of relaxation/meditation that we need in order to counterbalance the stress that builds up in life. Any time we "work" at improving at tango, rest assured that it's leisure time well spent.

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