We know the type of person we want to dance with. It is a leader or follower who is respectful, fun, and patient. This is the type of person who makes our night when we're feeling unsure of ourselves, and doesn’t react negatively to our mistakes. We've worked hard building up our own tango skills, and show up to milongas hoping to dance with such a person.

Stop leaving it up to chance whether or not this person will notice our skills and remember to give us a cabeceo. That’s waste of time. Instead, once we figure out the type of person we want to dance with, let's work hard to be that person. 



Milongas seem intimidating at first glance. Often, the attendees are all dressed up and looking sharp. Not only does everyone want to dress well, they also want to look good on the dance floor. 

But once out there, instead of dancing our best, our minds are preoccupied with avoiding mistakes and the fear of judgement. But by focusing so much on avoiding mistakes, we are also - consciously or not - announcing to all that we're afraid of expressing who we really are. 

However, tango is the best place to fully embrace (pun intended) our true personalities. Only by doing so will be have a chance of looking good in front of everyone. So don't hold back. Don't be afraid of who you are.


Podcast Episode 36 now online!

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Episode 36 of Joe's Tango Podcast is now online!

In this episode, I got to interview Lena and Oleg Mashkovich. They're based in Chicago, where they organize lessons, milongas, and an impressive roster of visiting instructors.

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