Can't avoid being nervous

It's natural to be nervous upon arriving at a milonga, especially if we're new to tango. It's such a different environment than a class or práctica, and we worry that we'll freeze up and forget everything we know. We may also worry about looking stupid, or accidentally bumping into someone. 

So naturally, we turn to improving our skills and attending more events. Although nervousness may diminish over time, it probably won't disappear completely. But don't worry. That's not the goal.

What we need to understand is that when it comes to learning tango, there's a fine line between nervousness and exhilaration. One will hurt us, the other will help move our dancing forward. One will hold us back due to reasons we've invented in our own minds, while the other will open up exciting opportunities. 

We know we need to make the leap from one side to the other. But what we often don't realize is that the leap itself is not very far... and perhaps that's the bigger problem.

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