As some of you know, I've been interviewing tango teachers, musicians, and organizers for my podcast. As of this post, I've conducted only 33 interviews, so this project is still in its early stages. But even so, I think I'm starting to see some patterns emerging.

One interesting thing is that most, if not all, tango pros and musicians I've spoken to never originally set out to make a living with tango. They never insisted on gaining international acclaim, and most never even thought they'd become teachers. 

It all started by falling in love with the dance (or music), and working hard to get better at it. Before long, they found themselves on a journey...but not one with any pre-planned destination.

Rather, they just went wherever tango seemed to "call" them. There's a lesson here about success, and how it's a delicate act that involves pursuing our passions without trying to force a particular outcome. Just something to think about.

More interviews are in the pipeline - thanks again for supporting the podcast!