rabbit hole


Rabbit holes are easy to find. If you're reading this blog post, chances are you're using the internet...which is arguably the biggest rabbit hole on Earth. On the web, we watch a funny cat video, then another, and another. A few hours later, we've moved on from cats to raccoons, then maybe to pandas or hippos. And a few hours after that, we find ourselves watching cheesy commercials we remember from childhood. And before we know it, the sun has gone down and we realize we've just wasted a colossal amount of time.

Tango is also a rabbit hole. It takes hold of us as beginners, and then we start taking more classes. Then from classes, we start coming to milongas and practicas. Then, we sign up for workshops. We start asking our teachers more detailed questions, we befriend other dancers, and then the playlists on our smartphones become populated with more tango music. 

But unlike the rabbit hole of the internet where we're more likely to waste our lives, the tango rabbit hole leads to an increased quality of living. The dance tests our desire for self-improvement, and acceptance of delayed gratification. Even if we can't spend as much time on tango as we'd like, it reaffirms our belief in pursuing worthy long-term goals. The deeper we venture into the tango rabbit hole, the more we learn about ourselves. The truths are either self-affirming, or reveal areas where we need improvement.

The funny thing about the tango rabbit hole is that by getting further lost in it, we may actually find our way.

rabbit hole.jpg