December? But it's only January! 2018 just started! Shouldn't we feel excited to begin another year, with so many opportunities to move our tango forward?

Yes, but...

With a life-long adventure such as tango, always looking to the year ahead has the tendency to make our ambitions seem more daunting. If we're too aware of the big challenges, we might be more likely to give up... or justify mediocre efforts.

Instead of peering into the distant future, where we imagine ourselves dancing with the expertise that we don't yet have, what happens if we focus on our efforts in the moment? What happens if we collect all the small improvements, day by day or week by week?

And when December comes, let's take a serious look back.

How far did we go? What did we accomplish? How often did we surprise ourselves?

When it comes to goals, December is just as important as January. Reflection is a powerful, yet underrated motivator.