“What if I have no sense of rhythm?”
“What if I’ve never danced before in my life?”
“What if this is only meant for someone who’s been dancing since childhood?”
“What if this is only for athletic people?”

When it comes to learning Argentine Tango, the smartest question to ask is: “What if I give it a try?”

Behind the passionate, mysterious, and exotic reputation of Tango is a fun, fulfilling, and accessible social activity that anyone can enjoy.

Learning tango doesn’t have to be a daydream, or something you only wish you could do. With over a decade of professional teaching experience, Joe Yang - the founder of Wisconsin Tango - is known for removing the intimidation factor out of social dancing. He’s committed to providing a fun, supportive, and encouraging learning atmosphere as you take your first steps.

Beginner group classes are available three days a week, and private lessons are also available to accommodate your busy schedule. Additionally, Joe hosts a number of fun social events where you can try out everything you’ve learned.

So cross off another item on your bucket list, and join us! No partner required.

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WKOW 27 News did a segment on the PD Tango classes happening in Madison

Click here  to watch

Click here to watch

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