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Episode 117: One step farther - Pablo Fernandez Gomez & Ludmila Srnkova
Listen here

My guests today are both professional dancers and musicians. One is a violinist, and the other a pianist. They studied music at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, Austria, then immersed themselves in tango dance training in Buenos Aires.
In 2013, they won 1st prize and the Viewers' Choice Award at the International Open Tango Salon Championship in Budapest, Hungary.

They have toured the world to teach and perform, and at this moment in time, they are the only couple in the world that dances tango and plays tango music professionally.

Let's meet Ludmila Srnkova and Pablo Fernandez Gomez...

More on Ludmila and Pablo here:
Website: pabloyludmila.com
Website: universitango.com

Episode 116: Tomás Regolo of Romantica Milonguera
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My guest for this episode is a professional pianist from Buenos Aires. He started his professional tango journey several years ago, when he decided to form a quartet. From there, things started moving pretty quickly.

Within a relatively short period of time, he found himself forming a 10 person, full-blown award winning tango orchestra that you might have heard of, called Romantica Milonguera.

Let’s meet Tomás Regolo of Romantica Milonguera...

More on Romantica Milonguera here:

Episode 115: A short conversation with Los Villagra - Claudio Villagra & Helena Fernandez
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My guests today are Helena Fernandez and Claudio Villagra, also known as Los Villagra.

Helena has been dancing since age three and also has a strong background in classical ballet, jazz, ballroom, samba, and Flamenco. Lucky for us, she has devoted much of her near 30 years of experience to Argentine Tango. She has taught and performed all over the world, in stage productions and on television. An experienced competitor, she made it to semi-final rounds in Tango World Championship events in Greece, Italy, and San Francisco.

She also holds a degree in physiotherapy, and specializes in helping patients with neurological disorders.

Claudio's tango history begins with his grandfather, Hector Contreras, who mentored him early in his tango career. He has also studied with a number of renown tango masters, and performed in many famous venues, such as the Walter Kerr and Marquis Theaters on Broadway (where he performed for two years), The Olympia Music Hall in Paris, Teatro Colón, Luna Park, Teatro Astral, Teatro Nacional Cervantes in Buenos Aires. and the National Auditorium and Fine Arts Theater in Mexico.

In addition to having worked with many famous tango orchestras and experience as a choreographer, Claudio has twice served as a final round judge at the World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires.

These two are a formidable team, and currently operate their tango school out of Lisbon, Portugal.

Let's meet Los Villagra...

More on Claudio & Helena here:

Episode 114: Don't miss the chance to be happy - Carlos Stasi

Listen here

My guest today is well known as a tango teacher, event organizer, historian, and actor. In 2000, he opened Porteño y Bailarin, a very popular tango venue in Buenos Aires and has brought in numerous tango masters and musicians. In September of 2019, he was a juror at the World Tango Championship Festival, and was the first to have the 2017 world champions perform at his milonga.

Today's guest was a close friend of the late Carlos Gavito. Some of you may know that Carlos Gavito was the lead performer in the show "Forever Tango," and one of the tango world's most celebrated dancers.

A legend in his own right, today's guest is a highly sought-after living encyclopedia of tango history, dance knowledge, and philosophy.

Let's meet Carlos Stasi...

More on Carlos here:

Episode 113: One Tango - Diego Santana
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My guest today is originally from Uruguay, and discovered tango for the first time in 2002. Ever since then, it's been hard to keep him off the dance floor. He's been teaching since 2004, and has traveled to numerous festivals to teach and learn, and has studied under many world-class instructors. Now based in Miami, his dancing and teaching styles are a creative blend of traditional and new tango.

He has worked for several dance companies, productions and shows, including Enamorados del Tango, Miami Contemporary Dance, Brasilian Carnaval, the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, the 15th International Tango Festival in Montevideo, Uruguay, and many others.

Let's meet Diego Santana...

More on Diego here:

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Episode 112: It all comes together - Brigitta Winkler
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My guest today has been dancing tango for over 30 years. In the 80s, she was one of the first Europeans to study Tango in Buenos Aires. In 1986, she opened one of the first tango studios in Berlin.

Famous for being not only a tango dancer and teacher, today's guest is also highly respected for her skills in teacher training. Every year she travels to dozens of cities all over the world to give workshops, and also organizes a variety of intensive tango retreats.

Let's meet Brigitta Winkler...

More on Brigitta here:

Episode 111: Making tango music come off the page - Pablo Aslan
Listen here

Originally from Argentina, today's guest has been living in the US since 1980 and is currently based in New York City. He is a world renown bassist, composer, and music producer. Also Grammy-Award Winner, he is widely recognized as one of the leading authorities on traditional and contemporary tango.

He has recorded and performed with a number of other well-known musicians, including Pablo Ziegler, Raul Juarena, Yo-Yo Ma, Shakira, Lalo Schifrin, the New World Symphony, the Philadelphia Orchestra, and many others. Today's guest is also an active researcher and educator, producing programs for the Lincoln Center Institute, Carnegie Hall Neighborhood Concerts, and Arts Connection in New York City. On top of that, he has been a guest lecturer at universities such as Yale, Harvard, and UCLA.

His contributions to the world of tango have been nothing short of amazing, and it's an honor to have him on the show.

Let's meet Pablo Aslan...

More on Pablo here:

Episode 110: Your level of tango is up to you, not someone else - Dave Lampson
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My guest today has been dancing tango for over a decade. Having spent several years in Buenos Aires, he's studied and analyzed a number of different styles. He's focused on social dancing, and is known for placing a lot of his teaching focus on movement and technique. Currently, he's managing the well-known Oxygen Tango group in Los Angeles...

Let's meet Dave Lampson...

More on Dave here:
Oxygen Tango website
Oxygen Tango FB page

Episode 109: Just come up and ask me - Martin Enos
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My guest today is Martin Enos, a highly accomplished dancer and instructor in the Washington, DC area. He is currently in medical school at Michigan State University.

More on Martin here:
To contact Martin, go to tangomercurio.com - they'll help you get in touch!

Episode 108: Know what you stand for - Robert Le
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Robert is a dedicated organizer in the LA area, and hosts the popular Tango Mio milonga. We had a fun conversation about his personal tango journey, strategies on running a successful milonga, and his thoughts on community.

More on Robert here:
His Facebook page
His notes on Tango organizing

Episode 107: We're not defined by our mistakes - Kirill Miniaev & Sophia Miniaeva
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So, do we choose tango or does tango choose us? My guests today certainly feel that tango discovered them. It happened in 2013, and very quickly, they fell in love this dance. Before they knew it, they were deep into studying, and have received guidance from many renown tangueros.

They have traveled internationally to hone their craft, and are presently based in Eastern Kansas where they teach and organize events.

Let's meet Kirill Miniaev & Sophia Miniaeva…

More on Kirill & Sophia here:

Episode 106: A dance of respect and sharing - Daniel Arias, with Laura Mingo

Listen here

My guest today has been teaching and performing tango for over 20 years. He has earned a number of international awards and prizes, and has received worldwide recognition for his dedication to developing tango workshops and events outside of Argentina. He has performed at a number of prestigious tango institutions, such as The Argentine Academy of Tango, Cambalache International Tango Festival, Caminito Tango Show, Club Sunderland, and many others. He has given classes, seminars, and performances in multiple countries such as Turkey, Holland, Germany, Italy, and Latvia. In 2013, he relocated to Los Angeles, CA, where he continues to teach and perform.

This episode will feature Daniel Arias, who will be joining us with his wife, Laura Mingo. Unfortunately, my Spanish is a little rusty today so I'm very grateful for Laura's assistance in translating. We'll also hear from Laura, who is a very well known tango organizer in the LA area, as well as a tango photographer.

More on Daniel here:

More on Laura here:
Laura's FB page
La milonguita FB page
Mingotography FB page

Episode 105: Open role dancing and changing perceptions - Juliet McMains
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My guest today started dancing at age 3. During her childhood, she took up ballet, modern, jazz, and tap. Her passion for dance continued to evolve, and she would go on to spend several eventful years as a professional ballroom dancer. She won a good number of championships, and retired from competition in 2003 (the same year she earned her PhD). A few years later, she relocated to Seattle, Washington.

Although she had experience with Argentine Tango at various moments in her life, it took some time to develop a passion for that dance. When that happened, she found herself making multiple trips to Buenos Aires. While in BA, she not only immersed herself in studying the dance, but also came away with a number of eye-opening experiences.

Today, she is a professor in the Department of Dance at the University of Washington in Seattle, where she teaches studio and academic classes. As an educator, she specializes in cross-cultural topics involving dance, and has published numerous articles and books on tango, ballroom, salsa, rumba, and swing. And she has a lot of other exciting ideas in the pipeline...

Let's meet Juliet McMains...

More on Juliet here:
U of Washington webpage

Episode 104: Start before you're ready - Joe Powers
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Harmonica virtuoso Joe Powers was back in town, so I thought it'd be a good time to catch up with him and record a spontaneous episode. We discuss some tango topics that we didn't cover the last time he was on the show, such as the additional skill sets necessary to be a successful musician, work ethic, and how to not be a total prick once you become famous.

More on Joe here:

Episode 103: A series of fortunate events - Masha Abapolnikova
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My guest today is originally from Russia, but is now located in Washington, DC. With a professional background in interior design, she discovered Argentine Tango in 2010 while attending a Weekend Bootcamp program with Tango Mercurio. Soon after that experience, she started assisting with instruction. Eventually, she became a teacher, and today she serves as Tango Mercurio's Executive Director & Events Program Manager.

Let's meet Masha Abapolnikova...

More on Masha and Tango Mercurio here:

Thoughts on struggle
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I'm on the road again this week and will be traveling again next week; I will have more guests lined up for you in the very near future.

For this short entry, I'd like to share some thoughts about struggling...

Thanks for listening!

Episode 102: Finding your own tango - Jeni Breen
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My guest today is one of the most experienced tango professionals in NYC. She has taught extensively at the NYU Undergraduate Drama Program at Playwrights Horizons Theater School, the Lee Strasberg Professional Theater Program in New York, the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and many others.

But long before moving to the big apple, today's guest trained as a modern dancer and received a degree in Performance/Choreography from the California Institute of the Arts. She's lent her expertise all over the US as a choreographer for musicals, operas, plays, and films. Of course, she eventually crossed paths with Argentine Tango, and developed a passion for that particular dance. At the Sandra Cameron Dance Center, one of New York's top ballroom dance studios, she joined the teaching staff and was the director of both the Argentine Tango and Salsa programs. She is the founder of the Jeni Breen Tango Academy, located in downtown Manhattan, where she continues to spread the love of tango.

Let's meet Jeni Breen...

More on Jeni here:

Episode 101: Bringing us all together - Marcos Questas & Ruta Maria
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My guests today are Marcos Questas and Ruta Maria. Based in the Los Angeles area, they have been dancing pretty much all their lives. 

Marcos is a 3rd generation tango dancer from Buenos Aires, and has a distinguished career performing on stage at a number of famous venues, including El Viejo Almacen, Argentina Tango & Pampa, and many others. He also appeared on the show Grandes Valores del Tango, which is a nationally televised program in Argentina. Marcos also worked on the staff of Argentina's presidential Committee of Entertainment, and has performed for official presidential events and for visiting dignitaries. From 2000 - 2005 he has produced the Las Vegas Tango Festival, choreographed dance pieces for the Latin Grammys, and a number of other high-profile projects.

Ruta has a distinguished history as a ballet dancer. She has experience as a principal dancer for the Nevada Ballet Theater, Bolshoi's first International Exchange, the Jacksonville Ballet, Ballet West, and Cirque du Soleil's Mystere. Later on, she discovered Argentine Tango, and has performed and taught at the Tango Mundo Festival, the Boulder Tango Festival, the Las Vegas Tango Experience, as well as the Argentine Tango USA Championships

They're also excited to organize the International Tango Summit, a massive project encompassing all types of tango competition genres, specialized workshops, and teacher training.

More on Marcos and Ruta here:
International Tango Summit 

Episode 100: Preserving Tango history - Christian Xell

Listen here

My guest today is the founder and CEO of TangoTunes.com

As you may know, Tango Tunes operates out of Vienna, Austria and Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is dedicated to preserving tango music. Through a painstaking process, the team over at Tango Tunes digitizes tango music from vinyl and shellac records, and enhances the sound quality. The results are superior quality recordings of our favorite tango songs, and for a very reasonable fee, they are made available for download.

Since 2013, TangoTunes has successfully transferred about 1000 songs from vinyl, and 5000 from shellacs. The company continues working hard today, and their product catalog is always expanding...

Let’s meet Christian Xell...

More on Christian here:

Avoid the "defensive" approach to learning
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It'll be a short episode today, and sorry for the late update.
So what exactly does it mean to avoid being "defensive" in our learning? And what's a better approach to improving our tango?

Hope this bit of advice is helpful to you!

Episode 099: Be comfortable with being uncomfortable - Jaimes Friedgen
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My guest today is an internationally renown dancer and teacher. He is the co-founder of the LA Tango Academy, and although he's been teaching tango for over 20 years, he's been immersed in artistic expression since childhood. He has a background in theater, music, and a variety of other dance forms. On top of that, he also has extensive training as a gymnast. He's traveled all over the globe to dance, teach, and study tango, and is working hard to push his dancing even further.

Let's meet Jaimes Friedgen...

More on James here:

Episode 098: Technique sets you free - Daniela Pucci & Luis Bianchi

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My guests today are Daniela Pucci and Luis Bianchi. They first met in 2005, and lived in NYC from 2006 - 2012. In 2012 they made the big decision to relocate to Buenos Aires. There, they set up Tango Oasis, which is their studio and guest house.

Since then, they have traveled to over 90 cities in 4 continents to teach at workshops and various festivals. Some of their more notable appearances include the esteemed Ostertango in Switzerland, Phantastango in Germany, and the Copenhagen Tango Festival.

More on Daniela and Luis here...

Episode 097: The craft of DJ’ing - Jonas Aquino
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My guest today is an internationally renowned DJ based in San Francisco, CA. He has DJ'd at a number of big-name festivals, marathons, and events, including the Taiwan Tango Marathon, The Southern California Tango Championship, The San Diego Tango Festival, the Austin Spring Festival, and many others. If you live in or ever visited the San Francisco Area, you'll see him DJ'ing at many of the popular venues there.

Let's meet Jonas Aquino...

More on Jonas here:

Episode 096: What we can learn from children - Andrea Fuchilieri
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My guest today is a native of Rosario, Argentina. In 1998 she moved to NYC to study at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, and she is now located in San Francisco, CA. 

She started dancing at age 6, and has a background in a variety of dance genres, including ballet, contemporary, flamenco, afro-haitian dances, and many others. In addition to being heavily involved with Argentine Tango, today's guest is also a staff teacher for the Youth Program at ODC (Oberlin Dance Collective), and is also a staff member at the renowned Cazadero Performing Arts Family Camp.

Let's Meet Andrea Fuchilieri...

More on Andrea here:

Episode 095: Be more aware of movement - Michelle Lamb
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My guest today has been dancing all her life, having started at the age of 6 with the world-famous San Francisco School of Ballet. She has experience with jazz, modern, competitive ballroom, flamenco, hula, and theater dance. Having participated in many productions, spent spent years touring with a number of famous musical artists, including Liza Minelli. 

She's been reviewed by the NY Times as a choreographer for off-broadway productions, and she also helped choreograph live-televised events, such as Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA. On top of that, today's guest has appeared in major network TV programs, Films, commercials, and fashion magazines. 

Of course, along the way, she discovered Argentine Tango and has participated in events and workshops all over the world. 

Let's meet Michelle Lamb...

Michelle will be teaching at the Windy City Tango Festival in Chicago -
You can find out about her here: Windy City Tango Festival - About Michelle

Episode 094: When you have no time to lose - Corinne Krikorian
Listen here

My guest today has been passionate about dance all her life. After falling in love with tango, and through years of struggle, adventure, and grit, she realized her goal of dancing and teaching professionally. Based in Montreal, she holds a number of regular classes, and organizes a number of popular tango events as well. 

Let's meet Corinne Krikorian...

More on Corinne here:

Episode 093: Almost by accident - Mark Mindel
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Today's guest is a Tango DJ based in Charlotte, NC. He is also a master craftsman, and designs mobile dance floors that have garnered praise from tangueros everywhere. He and his wife started the renown Queen City Tango Marathon, and we'll hear the interesting story of how that came about.

Let's meet Mark Mindel...

More on Mark and the Queen City Tango Marathon:

Episode 092: More than endorphins and dopamine - Mark Word
Listen here

My guest today is Mark Word. He's a clinical social worker who's passionate about helping victims of psychological trauma. Much of his experience also stems from the military, where he functioned as a Behavioral Health officer with the 101st Airborne Division. Before falling in love with tango, Mark was a professional musician, spent a number of years living in Europe, and also developed a passion for languages. 

Mark combines his expertise as a mental health professional with tango to explore the healing effects of tango, and has some fascinating answers for us...

More on Mark here:

Episode 091: How did they DO that in the 1920s? - Paul Strudwick 
Listen here

My guest today is a Tango DJ who also happens to be a sound engineer. As you can imagine, he's very particular about sound quality. He makes his own high quality transfers from shellacs whenever he can obtain them. He DJ's at the Magic Roundabout Milongas, located near Bristol in the UK...

Let's meet Paul Strudwick

More on Paul here:
Facebook group

Episode 090: Tips for surviving festival workshops
Listen here

Hey everyone, Joe here. If you're relatively new to tango festivals and have plans to attend one soon, this short episode is for you! Listen on for some tips to help you get the most out of your experience. 

Episode 089: Put your ego aside - Sophia Daly & El Kronox
Listen here

My guests today are Sophia Daly and Jose Luis Fernandez-Garcia (aka El Kronox). Sophia has been dancing all her life, having started at age 3. She has a strong background in jazz, tap, modern, ballet, and hip-hop. Today, she is a company member of Ballet Edge Detroit. Sophia eventually discovered Argentine Tango, and brings her vast training in other dances to enhance her teaching and performing.

Jose has been dancing for well over a decade, and also has a background in Martial Arts. Originally from Malaga, Spain, he came to the US in 1998 and began teaching Spanish at the University of Michigan.

Sophia and Jose have been teaching together since 2015, have performed at a number of venues, and organize weekly classes & milongas in Ann Arbor.

More on Sophia & Jose here:

Episode 088: Too stubborn to quit - Marco Antonio Licon
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My guest today began his Tango journey while he was a student at Arizona State University. Later, he would become an influential presence with the ASU Tango Club, where he now teaches regular classes and guides the next generation of young dancers.

Let's meet Marco Antonio Licon...

More on Marco here:
Email Marco here: mlicon@asu.edu
Tango resources in Arizona

Episode 087: The other side of impossible - Heyni Solera 

Listen here

My guest today is a bandoneon player, pianist, and hard-core tango scholar. She's really enthusiastic about promoting contemporary tango music, and encourages us to explore that rich and largely-untapped world. 

At the time of this recording, my guest is very close to finishing her Masters Degree in Ethnomusicology at the University of Maryland. In the DC area, she's been part of the tango group Da Capo Tango, where she is one of two bandoneon players. She has traveled extensively, and studied and played with some of the top bandoneon players today.

Let's meet Heyni Solera...

More on Heyni here:
Music of Diego Schissi

Episode 086: Learning experiences, perpetual challenges - Rebecca Shulman
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My guest today has been a full-time tango dancer for over two decades. But she developed her passion for dance during her childhood when she started studying classical ballet.

She has taught at a number of festivals around the world, has been the mastermind behind a number of tango events, and co-founded the all-female dance company, Tango Mujer. Based in New York City, she taught every level of tango at Dance Manhattan from 1994 - 2014. Internationally renowned as one of the foremost experts in tango, she has collaborated with a number of other world-class instructors and is widely sought out for her clear instructional style, and extensive insights on technique.

Let’s meet Rebecca Shulman...

More on Rebecca here:

Episode 085: How to find Tango Happiness - Yelizaveta Nersesova
Listen here

My guest today was born in Iran, but grew up in Africa and Russia. For quite a while, she was based in Portland, Oregon where she taught regular tango classes and workshops. Today, she is based in Los Angeles.

In addition to being a tango instructor, she’s also an accomplished visual artist. We’re going to hear about how she combines movement and art, as well as her other exciting new tango projects.

Let’s meet Yelizaveta Nersesova....

More on Yelizaveta here:
Website: www.nersesova.com
Website: https://www.sotango.world/

Episode 084: Good technique, not easy solutions - Liz Hutchinson
Listen here

My guest today is the founder of the Rose City Tango Academy in Portland, OR. She's been dancing all her life, having started her training at the age of 3. She studied ballet, modern, and many other styles. Eventually, she happened upon Argentine Tango. 

In 2011 she began teaching tango in Seattle. Then she spent 3 years pretty much living on the road, traveling to teach, perform, and DJ in the US, Europe, and Argentina. After relocating to Portland, she established the Rose City Tango Academy where she is committed to creating a supportive, challenging, and nurturing atmosphere for tango enthusiasts.

Let's meet Liz Hutchinson...

More on Liz here:
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Episode 083: You will only be happy if you learn how to dance tango - Carlos & Maureen Urrego
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My guests are Carlos and Maureen Urrego; they are the 2018 USA Argentine Tango Champions, and they have a number of other championships and awards to their name.

They have taught and performed all over the US, in Colombia, and in Buenos Aires. And they've also produced several shows, such as Seasons of Tango and Midsummer Night Tango Cabaret.

More on Carlos & Maureen here:
Useful tango site: www.todotango.com

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Episode 082: Conversation with a studio owner - Jim Chow
Listen here

My guest today is Jim Chow; he is the owner of Belltown Dance Studio in Seattle, WA. 

Jim established the studio back in 2005, but he's been a passionate dancer all his life. He's familiar with a variety of dances, but salsa is his specialty so it should come as no surprise that he's Belltown's head salsa instructor. Belltown Studio is home to a number of other dance genres, including Argentine Tango.

So why interview a studio owner? Well, studio owners provide venue space for tango classes and milongas - In many cases, we tango folks wouldn't be able to do what we do without people like Jim. But I also thought it'd be fun to hear about the challenges, the behind-the-scenes action, and the highs and lows of running a dance studio...

More on Jim here:

Episode 081: Tango is infinite - Felipe Martinez & Ayano Yoneda
Listen here

My guests today are Felipe Martinez and Ayano Yoneda based in San Francisco, CA. They have taught all over the world, and are known for their clear and enthusiastic teaching style. They teach regularly at several venues in the Bay Area, such as Milonga Genesis, the Great Northern, The Beat over in Berkeley, and the Stanford Tango Club.

They are also organizers of the renown San Francisco Tango Marathon. Felipe has also DJ’d at a number of big-name events, including festivals and milongas in Portland, Denver, Washington DC, Fort Bragg, New York, Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong, and many others.

More on Felipe and Ayano here:
Felipe's Facebook page

Ayano's Facebook page

Joe's Tango Podcast: Some quick reflections
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Happy 2019! My guests have brought up a lot of interesting insights over the year; here are some reflections I'd like to share...

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Episode 080: Dig Deeper - Erin Rea

Listen here

My guest today is an amazing tango dancer known for her technique and grace - As an instructor, she's known for her patience and attention to detail. Based in Michigan, she also has a strong background in ballroom dance and is a frequent participant in numerous performances and showcases.

Let's meet Erin Rea...

More on Erin here:

Episode 079: How to Tango on a table - John Miller & Jesica Cutler
Listen here

My guests today are John Miller and Jesica Cutler, both of whom are based in Colorado. John has been dancing since the age of 18. He eventually happened upon tango, and started teaching full time in 2009. He is also a very well known DJ, and has played over 1500 milongas and practicas at multiple festivals.

Jesica is a massage therapist, and in addition to tango, she teaches Lindy Hop and Blues. Much of her teaching style is focused on body mechanics, and helping students gain greater body awareness.

They have been working together since 2012, and have taught at festivals in Denver, Salt Lake City, and in Mexico.

More on John and Jesica here...
Table-top tango video

Episode 078: Our Tango World - Iona May Italia returns
Listen here

For today's show, I'm happy to welcome back Iona May Italia - also known as the Terpsichoral Tango Addict. She has traveled the globe dancing and teaching tango, and has documented her observations and thoughts in a blog that is very well-known in tango circles.

I had the opportunity to speak with Iona back in Episode 40, and it was a lot of fun. On that show, if you remember, she mentioned that she was working on a book - well, that book is now complete, and has been released. It is called, Our Tango World, Volume 1: Learning and Community.

More on Iona here:

Purchase her book here (US customers) 
Purchase her book here (Outside US)
Connect with Iona on Facebook

Episode 077: Listening to Tango vs “Understanding” - Patricia Becker
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My guest today is an Argentine Tango dancer and performer. She's also a choreographer, and an actress. She started dancing at the age of 5, and has a background in ballet, Israeli folk dancing, jazz, latin, and contemporary. At age 16, she performed at the Teatro San Martín, which is one of the most most prominent theaters in Argentina. She has performed in productions at the Spanish Repertory Theatre, and in New York, she was nominated for two ACE Awards for best dramatic actress. Over the years, she has appeared in a number of musicals, plays, films, and TV programs. 

In 2009, she rediscovered her love of tango and is now based in San Diego, CA. She teaches tango classes several times a week, with a heavy focus on understanding body mechanics. She often teaches technique through the use of the Feldendkrais Method; the goal of which is to help her students gain more body awareness. Throughout the year, she also travels to teach at various festivals. 

Let's meet Patricia Becker...

More on Patricia here:

Episode 076: Reflections of a Tango DJ - Paul Akmajian
Listen here

My guest today has been dancing tango for over 20 years, and is also a well-known DJ. He DJs regularly in Tucson, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe, but makes the rounds at various tango festivals all over the world.

Let's meet Paul Akmajian...

More on Paul here:
Tango music resource

Episode 075: The most musically infuriating experience I ever had - Maxfield Wollam-Fisher & Brett Lemley
Listen here

For this episode, we're doing things a little differently and it'll be a treat if you're really into tango music; we’re going to focus on the inner workings of a tango music group. My guests are Maxfield Wollam-Fisher and Brett Lemley. They are part of Da Capo Tango Ensemble, based in Washington, DC. It's another fun, eye-opening conversation...

More on Da Capo Tango Ensemble here:
Da Capo Tango FB page

Tango Mercurio Community Orchestra
Tango Mercurio community orchestra
Tango Mercurio FB page

Max's radio show
Bienvenido al Tango (radio show)

Episode 074: Open to giving and receiving - Adam Cornett
Click here to listen

My guest today started his tango journey in Portland, Oregon back in 2000. In 2014 he moved to Boston, and went on a tour that took him throughout the US, as well as China and Taiwan. In 2016, he and his then-partner Tilly Kimm won the US Tango de Pista Championships. As of 2018, he is based in Chicago and continues traveling to give workshops and to teach at various festivals.

Let's meet Adam Cornett...

More on Adam here:

Episode 073: Tango and life's crossroads - Valorie Hart

Click here to listen

My guest today has spent her life immersed in art. While living in New York City, she has worked as an interior designer, writer, dancer, performance artist, and rock musician.

In 1999, she and her husband, Alberto Paz, moved to New Orleans, where she helped establish the Argentine Tango scene there. In 2002 they created the New Orleans Tango Festival. In 2009, they won the 3rd annual U.S.A. Salon Style Tango Championship. They also co-authored the book Gotta Tango, and both have been influential in the development of salon Tango in the US. Sadly, Alberto passed away in 2014, but she continues contributing to the tango community in New Orleans, hosting classes and milongas, as well as supporting other local tango events.

Let's meet Valorie Hart...

More on Valorie here:
FB page
Planet Tango website
Alberto Paz's Wikipedia page
Gotta Tango (book)

Episode 072: Something interesting for the rest of my day - Avik Basu
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My guest today is a Tango teacher and DJ with international acclaim. He started his TANGO journey back in 2002, and has studied with a number of renown teachers such as Gustavo Naveira, Susana Miller, Alex Krebs, and Robin Thomas. Based in Ann Arbor, MI, today's guest considers himself an eternal student and is always working to move his tango forward.

Let's meet Avik Basu...

More on Avik here:

Episode 071: Huge life decisions - Damian Lobato & Sarah Chung
Click here to listen

My guests today are Damian Lobato and Sarah Chung. They are currently based in Philadelphia, PA where they teach a number of classes and host events every week.

Sarah is known for her expressive musicality, and is very much about having her students establish a strong foundation in basic technique.

Damian was born and raised in Argentina, and began dancing in 1991. A former dentist, he decided to pursue tango full time in 2000. Since then, he has taught and performed in multiple countries.

More on Damian and Sarah here:

Episode 070: One tango adventure after another - Meredith Klein
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My guest today is the director of the Philadelphia Argentine Tango School. She started dancing tango in 1999, and as tango inevitably took over her life, she eventually left her job and moved to Buenos Aires where she stayed for 3 years. In 2006 she began working with Andres Amarilla, and since then she has traveled the world teaching and performing.

Today's guest is also the director of the Philly Tango Fest, and hosts the radio show Tango Stories.

Let's meet Meredith Klein...

More on Meredith here:

Episode 069: Fearless - Veronika Kruta
Click here to listen

My guest today grew up around creative arts and performance. She frequently travels throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and Buenos Aires to teach, and she has worked incredibly hard to build up tango communities in Boston and Western Massachusetts. 

She has studied with a number of world famous tango instructors, and is also a well-known DJ. She has participated in and helped organize numerous festivals and marathons, including regular tango tours in Buenos Aires. 

Let's meet Veronika Kruta...

More on Veronika here:

Episode 068: “Follow” the Follower - Marisela Rizik
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My guest today is a central figure in the Eugene, Oregon tango community. She fell in love with tango back in 1999, and in addition to organizing classes and events, hosts learning tours in Buenos Aires.

Today's guest is not only a tango instructor, but also a writer, and filmmaker.

Let's meet Marisela Rizik...

More on Marisela here:

Episode 067: Complementing each other - Tommy Smith & Christian Wheelihan

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My guests today are Tommy Smith and Christian Wheelihan, who are based in beautiful Boise, Idaho. 

Tommy started tango back in 2012, and soon it became an obsession. Today, he is a tango instructor, DJ, and organizer. With a background in math and engineering, Tommy is an instructor who approaches the dance with an organized, analytic method. He also teaches regular DJ workhops, and has DJ'd at Montana's Tango Uprising, the Salt Lake City Tango Festival, Tango on the Rocks, and several others. 

Christian discovered tango along with Tommy, whom she teaches with. As a professional therapist, she brings a positive, relaxed vibe. She connects easily with students, and adds an invaluable personal touch to their classes. Together, she and Tommy teach in several locations around Boise, including the student tango club at Boise State University.

More on Christian and Tommy here:

Episode 066: Balancing passion and adapting to changes - Simona Zaino
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My guest is Simona Zaino. Although she's originally from Italy, she's based in Dublin, Ireland. In 2004 she and her dance partner, Hernan Catvin, established Compadrito Tango, where they teach multiple tango classes and host a number of events.

Simona has taught and performed all over Europe, the US, and New Zealand. She's also collaborated on a huge number of events, including acting and choreographing the opera Maria De Buenos Aires, which was staged at the Cork Opera House. In addition to appearing in television and radio programs, and having performed in a multitude of dance and music festivals, she also founded the International Tango Festival in Ireland, a yearly non-profit event that draws world-class tango pros, musicians, and tango aficionados from all over the world.

More on Simona here:

Episode 065: Focus on process, not results - Eric Jorissen
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My guest today is based in the Netherlands. He is the founder of El Corte, a world-renown tango center located in the city of Nijmegen. With a background in dance education, he studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory and started teaching tango in 1987.

El corte has grown tremendously, and sees roughly 25,000 tango students a year. 

Today’s guest is also an internationally famous tango instructor and teacher, and as you can imagine, he has a packed travel schedule. He spends several weekends every month - nearly half the year - flying around the globe teaching tango.
Let’s meet Eric Jorissen

More on Eric here: 

Episode 064: There's Development time and Fun time - Robert McKenney
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My guest today is Robert McKenney. He's the general manager of Convergence Dance and Body Center in St. Louis, MO, and also an instructor there. And if the name of that studio sounds familiar, it's because several months ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Robert's mom, Roxanne Maier. 

Robert grew up around dancing, and started studying it at age 16. He has also studied with a number of tango masters, including Gustavo Naveira, Pablo Inza, Mariana Montes, Daniel Trenner, and many others. He has taught and performed all over the US and Argentina, and is also a very popular Tango DJ.

More on Robert here:

Episode 063: Nico Tapia and Stephie Berg
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My guests today are Nico Tapia and Stephie Berg, based in Phoenix, AZ. They met in 2013, and have been working together ever since. Well versed in a variety of tango dance styles, they have taught and performed all over the world. In 2014, they won the US Tango Championship. They are still active in competition, and have also gone on to train other US Tango Championship finalists.

More on Nico and Stephie here: 

Website: https://www.nicoandstephie.com/
Website: https://nicoandstephie.wordpress.com/

Episode 062: Take it as far as you can - Jennifer Olson
Guest: Jennifer Olson
Click here to listen

My guest today began her tango career in Portland, Oregon. She has danced and taught all over the world, and spent a total of two years living and breathing tango in Buenos Aires. 

Now based in San Francisco, she continues to teach and organize events. A highly versatile follower and leader, today's guest is known for instructing her students how to connect with the music and adapt to a variety of social tango styles. 

Let's meet Jennifer Olson...

More on Jennifer here:

Episode 061: You'll never have a perfect dance
Guest: Damian Thompson
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My guest today has been dancing tango for well over two decades and he's taught and performed all over the world. Having studied with a variety of different maestros and being familiar with many different styles of tango, today's guest is known for focusing much of his teaching around perfecting one's axis. He's originally from Australia, but is currently based in Poland. 

Let's meet Damian Thompson...

More on Damian here:

Episode 060: Tango is not a "discipline"
Guest: Hernan Prieto
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My guest today is originally from Buenos Aires, but is now based in Chicago, Illinois. He's been teaching and performing for over a decade, having studied with a variety of tango maestros. He and his partner have been invited to teach at a number of major festivals in North America, and was once part of the exclusive staff of La Viruta (the most famous milonga in Buenos Aires). And I should add that he's also a phenomenal DJ.

With a very clear and personable teaching style, he's very well-known for his method of easily communicating important tango fundamentals.

Let's meet Hernan Prieto...

More on Hernan and his partner Daniela here:
Website: https://www.danielayhernan.net/

Episode 059: Finding opportunities
Guests: Pablo Rodriguez & Eva Garlez
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My guests today are internationally recognized instructors. Originally from Buenos Aires, they are now based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They have taught at various workshops and festivals in multiple cities, and are known for their clear teaching style and explanation of body mechanics. They have a desire to build confidence in their students, and seek to expand tango wherever they travel.

Let's meet Pablo Rodriguez and Eva Garlez...

More on Pablo and Eva here:
Website: www.bienmilonguero.com
Website: www.evaypablo.com

Episode 058: A love story of three minutes
Guest: Harby Gonzalez
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My guest today is an internationally renowned dancer and teacher who started dancing tango at the age of 12. Born and raised in South America - in Colombia to be exact - he's now based in Columbia, South Carolina. 

He graduated from the National School of Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires, and has been a tango professional since he was 18. He has performed with Mariano Mores, one of the most famous tango orchestras in the world, and has also toured with the Washington DC-based orchestra Quintango. Today's guest has been teaching and performing in the US since 1995, and helped establish Argentine Tango in much of the southeast.

Let's meet Harby Gonzalez...

More on Harby here:

Episode 057: There's no substitute for time on the floor
Guest: Michelle Badion
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My guest today is one of Seattle's most experienced dance instructors. She's been teaching full time there for over 20 years, and was one of the first Tango teachers to be established in the area. In addition to Argentine Tango, she also specializes in Salsa and West Coast Swing. She's well versed not only with social dancing, but also with performance and choreography.

Let's meet Michelle Badion...

More on Michelle here:

Episode 056: Motivation is more important than skill
Guest: Pablito Greco
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My guest today is an internationally acclaimed tango instructor and performer. He's also a writer, and author of the ebook Tango FAQs and Facts Book. Although he was born in Greece, he is now based out of Toronto, Canada. He has an extensive academic background in ergophysiology and biochemistry, and much of his research is dance related.

In 2003, he was nominated with the "unique research and best poster presentation award" during the International Congress of Physical Education and Sport (ICPES). But long before his days in academia, today's guest has been dancing since he was a teenager, and also has a solid background in Latin and Ballroom dance.

It wouldn't be long before he'd fell in love with tango, and he started his professional career in 2006.

Let's meet Pablito Greco...

More on Pablito here:

Episode 055: Not one, but four partners
Guest: Antonio Riva
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My guest has a musical background as a guitarist - And he's also a major presence in the London tango scene as an instructor and organizer. On Wednesday evenings, he's known for hosting the popular Tango Bridge milonga, which - as you can guess from the title - is right next to the famous London Bridge. Among his many projects, he's busy exploring and teaching Canyengue, which is widely known as a predecessor to the modern tango which we dance today.  

Let's meet Antonio Riva...

More on Antonio here:

Facebook page

Episode 054: Let's do this!
Guest: Koa Hons
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My guest today is based out of Seattle, WA and has been teaching tango at the Belltown Studio there since 2012. After falling in love with tango, he pursued this passion and trained with a number of well-known professionals. He has taught and performed internationally at many cultural events and milongas. 

Let's meet Koa Hons...

More on Koa here:
Facebook page
Instagram page

Episode 053: Feeling vs Aesthetics
Guest: Veronica Toumanova
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Although she was born and raised in Moscow, Russia, my guest today is based out of Paris, France. She is one of the founding members of the group Tango Mon Amour, where she assumes the role of instructor as well as art director. 

She has a background in classical ballet and modern dance, as well as yoga, pilates, and gyrotronics. And as you can imagine, her teaching method is grounded heavily in understanding body mechanics. She has taught and performed in over a dozen countries, is fluent in 7 languages, and is also a very well-known blogger. Many of you listening have come across her book, entitled Why Tango, which is a collection of her many essays.

More on Veronica here:
Tango Mon Amour
Her book Why Tango

Episode 052: Christy Coté
Guest: Christy Coté
Click here to listen

My guest today is Christy Coté, a highly respected teacher in the US and Argentina. In addition to teaching, she's also a well-known performer and choreographer. Christy has been featured at CITA, the annual tango congress in Buenos Aires, and in 2012 she was the first ever American judge for the Official USA Argentine Tango Championships. 

Christy has a huge list of accomplishments, including international performance tours, appearances in various magazine articles and television programs, and since 2007 her popular Tango Boot Camps have attracted literally thousands of students.

More on Christy here:

Episode 051: It never has to be something you "used" to do
Guest: Pablo Repun
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My guest today is an instructor and organizer based out of Naples, Florida, but was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has trained with a number of masters, including Carlos Hidalgo, Celia Blanco, Gustavo Naveira, Fabian Salas, and many others. In addition to tango, he has also trained in Graham Contemporary Dance and Parallelism Dance Technique at The National School of Dance in Buenos Aires. 

Like several other interviewees on this program, today's guest taught at the renowned CITA (Congreso International Del Tango Argentino) in 2015. Also in 2015, our guest performed and also choreographed dance sequences for the Opera Tango Show "Maria de Buenos Aires" and "Opera Tango," which took place at the Wang Opera Center in Naples. Let's meet Pablo Repun...

More on Pablo here:
His short film: 9 Tango

Episode 050: Wanting a good partner vs Being a good partner
Guest: Jake Spatz

Click here to listen

My guest today is Jake Spatz. He began dancing tango in 2001 in Brooklyn, NY, and has been teaching regularly in Washington, DC, since 2005. He currently runs the popular Eastern Market milonga on Thursdays, where he has been the house teacher and a regular DJ for twelve years. Since 2010, he has taught for the student tango club at the University of Maryland.

Jake's work in tango has led to performances for the Washington Performing Arts Society, where he led a small troupe that opened for Broadway legend Chita Rivera; and he has been featured as a dancer at Disney World,  two television commercials, and a full-length stage play. As a dancer and DJ, Jake has been featured at the Philadelphia Tango Festival, Tango De Los Muertos, the New Year's Marathon in Providence, and numerous "big weekend" events around the East Coast, including a milonga thrown by actor Robert Duvall.

In addition to dancing, teaching, and DJing, Jake's tango interests have included translation and literary research. He edited the book In Strangers' Arms by Beatriz Dujovne (McFarland, 2011), and has translated the lyrics of more than 80 tango songs. 

More on Jake here:
Download the book In Strangers' Arms

Episode 049: Advanced dancers want to be "beginners" again
Guest: Atakan Ekiz
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My guest today is Atakan Ekiz, who's based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. He is part of DF Dance Studio, which his wife Maria Ivanova founded in 2008. The studio specializes in a huge variety of dances, employs many dancers, and since its inception, it has become one of the largest and most dynamic dance schools in Salt Lake City. Atakan began his tango training in Turkey, and joined a dance group that he traveled with for several years.

On top of that, he is a graduate research assistant at the Huntsman Cancer Research Institute. Today, he is known as one of the top dancers and instructors in the state.

More on Atakan here:

Episode 048: The podcast creator
Guest: Joe Yang

Click here to listen

If you're curious to hear about Joe Yang, the creator of this podcast, this episode's for you...

More on Joe here

Joe's web cartoon projects:

Episode 047: Learn to teach yourself
Guest: David Phillips
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My guest today is based near Austin, Texas, and started out as a ballroom dancer. He had been involved with ballroom for well over 20 years before discovering Argentine Tango. Once he got a taste of tango, he was hooked. His pursuit of tango learning has taken him to several countries, and he eventually started a tango school known as Tango Tribe. 

Let's meet David Phillips...

More on David here:
Website: http://www.tangotribe.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tangotribe
Personal Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/david.phillips.austin


Episode 046: Something that has to be experienced
Guest: Maxfield Wollam-Fisher

Click here to listen

My guest today is a professional cellist based out of Washington, DC. He performs with the group Da Capo Tango, which brings a lot of great energy to the DC tango scene. He also arranges the group's music. He studied at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, and went on to get his masters at the University of Wisconsin School of Music.

In 2014, he organized the Mad City Live Tango Festival, which integrated tango instruction by Homer and Cristina Ladas with the live music group Cuarteto Tanguero. He has performed with tango music legends such as Julian Peralto, Pablo Ziegler, Pablo Aslan, and many others. 

More on Max here:
Da Capo Tango FB pagehttps://www.facebook.com/DaCapoTango/
Radio show (Bienvenido al tango) https://takomaradio.org/
Tanguero workshop: http://workshop.moretango.org

Episode 045: Reed College Tango musicians workshop
Guests: Morgan Luker & Kim Gumbel
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Today we're going to be talking about the Tango for Musicians workshop over at Reed College in Portland, OR. The program is in its 6th year, and to date, it's the biggest one of its kind in North America. At this workshop, tango musicians meet up, they take workshops in composition, arranging, they trade ideas, stories, there are performances of course...and all sorts of other great things.

We'll hear from Professor Morgan Luker, who is an ethnomusicologist. The focus of his research is contemporary music in Buenos Aires. Morgan is also the author of the book The Tango Machine. He is part of the faculty of the Tango for Musicians workshop, and he'll have a lot of neat information for us.

We'll also hear from Kim Gumbel of Vespertine Works. Kim is an independent operator specializing in artist management, arts administration, and consulting. Since 2007, Kim has been working with artists, helping them come up with strategies on how to organize and execute big events.

Info on the workshop: 

Episode 044: It starts by identifying needs
Guest: Lorena Dumas-Guntner
Click here to listen

Today's guest is a central figure in the New Orleans Tango community. By day, she's a pediatric anesthesiologist at the New Orleans Children's Hospital. And on top of that, she is the organizer of the renowned New Orleans Tango Festival. So how does one go from a tango enthusiast to a full blown festival organizer? We'll find out! 

Let's meet Lorena Dumas-Guntner...

More on the New Orleans Tango Festival here:

Episode 043: Hard work matters more
Guests: Maximiliano Alvarado and Paloma Berríos
Click here to listen

My guests today are salón and stage tango dancers with over 20 years of experience. Based out of Chile, in 2007 they placed 2nd in the World Argentine Tango Championships, and in 2008 they won 1st place in the TAFISA World Tango Championships in Busan, South Korea. They have traveled all over the world to teach, and it's great to have them on the show today.

Let's meet Maximiliano Alvarado and Paloma Berríos...

More on Max and Paloma here:

Episode 042: Constantly studying
Guest: Carla Marano
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My guest today has been dancing since the age of five! She started out studying ballet and classical Spanish dances, and later developed a strong background in contemporary dance and contact improv. She started studying tango back in 1994 with Luis Solanas and Cecilia Troncoso, founders of the renowned escuela de Tango La Viruta. She's worked with a number of influential tango dancers, including Natalia Games, Graciela Gonzalez, Chicho Frumboli, Fabian Salas, and Lucia Mazer...to name just a few. She's part of the generation of dancers that changed the teaching structure of tango, digging deep into studying movement technique and musical expression.

She teaches tango at festivals, dance schools, and in communities all around the world, and has also taught at the CITA (Congreso International de Tango Argentino), which, to date, is the largest tango festival in the world.

Let's meet Carla Marano...

More on Carla here:
Her website
On Facebook here and here

Episode 041: Which tango music legend outlived Kurt Cobain? This and other fun tango facts!
Guest: Bob Barnes
Click here to listen

Today's guest is a bandoneon player who's been based out of Minneapolis, MN since 1994. He started playing tango music back in 1987, and secretly nurtured this passion for a long time...Then in 2001, he created the quartet Mandragora Tango. Today, he remains active in the music world of tango, and is full of interesting tango facts. Let's meet Bob Barnes...

More on Bob here: www.mandragoratango.com



Episode 040: Write drunk, Edit sober
Guest: Iona May Italia (The Terpsichoral Tango Addict)
Click here to listen

My guest today is a well-known tango instructor, and writer. Although she lives in Argentina, she is quite the traveler, and is currently dancing her way through India. For many hard-core tango fans, she is known as the creator of the renown tango blog: TERPSICHORAL TANGO ADDICT. Let's meet Iona May Italia...

More on Iona here:
On Facebook
Get on the mailing list about her book: iona.italia@gmail.com
Support her tango writing endeavors on Patreon

Episode 039: Perfectly imperfect
GuestKaren Jaffe
Click here to listen

My guest today is based out of Asheville, NC. Her tango journey began back in 1997, but she also has an in-depth background in a variety of other dance disciplines. On top of that, she has a solid foundation in gymnastics and theater. As a tango instructor and performer, she holds classes and organizes events in the Asheville area, and regularly travels throughout the southeastern United States to teach at other communities. To continue developing skills in creativity and connection, she makes annual trips to Buenos Aires to study with world renowned teachers. Let's meet Karen Jaffe...

More on Karen here:
Her website: http://tangogypsies.com/
Find her on Facebook

Episode 038: You're never "done" with a step
Guests: Koichiro "Chewy" Suzuki and Yulia Zhukoff
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My guests today are not only accomplished tango dancers and instructors, but each also possesses a strong musical background. They have traveled extensively, and are very well known in their hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Let's meet Koichiro "Chewy" Suzuki and Yulia Zhukoff...

More on Chewy & Yulia here: 
Website: http://www.pghtango.com/
Info on Pittsburgh Tango week: http://www.pghtango.com/tango-festival/

Episode 037: You can't dabble with a bandoneon
Guest: Korey Ireland

Click here to listen

Today's guest started off as a professional composer before discovering tango. He is now a highly accomplished tango musician, composer, and teacher. Although he's originally from Kansas City, MO, he's now based in Berlin, Germany where he's an instructor at Mala Junta Berlin, 

Tango Tanzen Macht Schön, and Nou Tango Berlin. He has taught and performed internationally, in countries including the US, Argentina, Poland, the Netherlands, Kenya, Russia, and many others. 

Let's meet dancer/teacher/bandoneon player Korey Ireland...

More on Korey here:


Episode 036: People will be judging you...
Guests: Lena and Oleg Mashkovich
Click here to listen

My guests today are based in Chicago, IL. They are a very popular pair who dedicate their time as both teachers and organizers. They also make regular visits to Buenos Aires, where they've become well-known regulars at the local tango scenes there. And over the course of multiple visits, they've come away with a lot of knowledge about Tango music and history. In 2017 they competed in the USA Argentine Tango Championships, and came away as finalists.
Let's meet Lena & Oleg Mashkovich...

More and Oleg and Lena here:

Website: http://www.tangounaemocion.com

Their Facebook (personal) 

Facebook group 

Los Besos Milonguita Facebook group


Episode 035: I want to dance with you, NOT your teacher
Guest: Roxanne Maier
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My guest today has been a competitive and social dancer since 1985. She has an extensive background in ballroom and swing, and has well over a decade of competitive experience. After retiring from competition, she opened the Convergence Dance and Body Center in St. Louis, Missouri. And shortly after that, she discovered Argentine Tango. She makes regular trips to Buenos Aires, and has studied with a number of well known tango masters, such Chicho Frumboli, Susanna Miller, Alicia Pons, and many others. In addition to to being a central figure in the St. Louis tango community, she has also taught at Tangofest and Valentango, which are two of the biggest tango festivals in North America.

So what does the title of this podcast, "I want to dance with you, NOT your teacher," mean? Listen to find out.
Let's meet Roxanne Maier...

More on Roxanne here:

Website: http://www.convergencedbc.com

On Facebook


Episode 034: Moving Tango forward
Guests: Homer and Cristina Ladas

Click here to listen

My guests today became enamored with tango back in 1997. And since then, they have become some of the most influential and creative tango instructors in the world. They are well known for their highly engaging teaching style, their amazing ability to improvise, and their incredible generosity.  

Let's meet Homer and Cristina Ladas...

More on Homer and Cristina here:
Website: http://theorganictangoschool.org/
On Youtube 
On Facebook


Episode 033: Focusing on students
Guest: Max Kepler
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Today's guest is Max Kepler, who started off as a classically trained dancer at age three! It was only a matter of time before Argentine tango would come into the picture. Max has been a part of several large tango communities on the West Coast, and is currently based in Seattle, WA.

More on Max here:

Website: http://www.dancekepler.com
Website: http://www.queerseattletango.com
On Facebook 
On Linkedin


Episode 032: Guillermo Garcia of Trio Garufa
Click here to listen

Today's guest is a tango guitarist and dancer from Argentina. He's got a bit of a technical background, and holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He helped develop audio technology for big name companies such as Gibson Guitar and Silicon Graphics. As a dancer, he was part of the dancing cast in the 2011 show Tango Fatal, directed by Forever Tango lead dancer Jorge Torres. As a musician, he's known as the co-founder of the internationally renown group, Trio Garufa

More on Guillermo here:
On Facebook


Episode 031: There are no shortcuts
Guest: Gabriela Condrea
Click here to listen

Today's guest is an author and a speaker - She's also a tango instructor known for her deeply kinesthetic approach to the dance and the exploration of connection. She is also known for devoting time to teaching tango to those with mobility problems. With an extensive background in a variety of subjects, she has also taught language, mathematics, and gymnastics. She's quite the traveler as well - shuttling between Buenos Aires, and her home town of Seattle, Washington. Let's meet Gabriela Condrea...

More on Gabriela here:


Episode 030: Layers of musicality
Guest: Mariano Laplume
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Today's guest is an accomplished tango dancer, teacher, and violinist. With his multi-faceted background, he has developed a teaching style that maximizes body awareness and musicality. As a musician, he has been a part of the Academic Orchestra of Teatro Colon de Buenos Aires, Orquesta típica imperial, and he also helped co-found the internationally renowned tango group Sexteto Milonguero. He has played at more than 40 milongas and festivals in Buenos Aires alone, and at over 100 in other parts of the world. Let's meet Mariano Laplume...

More on Mariano here:

Website: http://www.maralmariano.com/

On Facebook


Episode 029: It takes time to sink in
Guest: Robin Thomas
Click here to listen

Today's special guest is a world renown tango instructor and DJ. A mainstay of the New York City tango scene, he has taught in multiple cities in the US and abroad. He's known for his humor, and very down-to-earth teaching method.
Let's meet Robin Thomas...

More on Robin here: http://robinthomastango.com/

On Facebook


Episode 028: The Tango Adventure
Guest: Sasha Cagen
Click here to listen

Today's special guest is not only deeply involved with Tango, but she's also an author and life coach. Her work as a coach for women has been featured in more than 100 media outlets, such as CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, and many others. She is quite the traveler, spending her time in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Oakland, CA, and Providence, Rhode Island. Let's meet Sasha Cagen...

More on Sasha here: sashacagen.com


Episode 027: Become an expert by doing
Guest: Mark Wyman
Click here to listen

Today's special guest is a musician with a very eclectic background. He began studying classical piano at age five. In 1988 he moved to San Francisco to further his studies, and eventually relocated to Amsterdam in 2003. His musical experience ranges from classical to punk, to rock, and avant garde!

He has toured all around the US and Europe, and in Buenos Aires he honed his tango skills. He's played with several famous tango groups, including Strictly Tango, Tango #9, Trasnoche, and countless others. He also publishes music books through his company Delf Music. Let's meet Mark Wyman...

More on Mark here:www.harmonk.com


Episode 026: Tango vs. Parkinsons Disease
Guest: Dr. Madeleine Hackney
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Today's special guest had a successful career as a competitive ballroom dancer before getting into Argentine Tango. She has been certified by the American Council of Exercise as a personal trainer, and she is an assistant professor at the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA. She is also a research health scientist at the Atlanta VA Rehabilitation R&D Center of Excellence. Her research has been covered by the New York Times, Scientific American, NPR, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, among others. Currently, she is a researcher working intensely on rehabilitative and treatment strategies for individuals with Parkinsons Disease. So what does Argentine Tango have to do with Parkinsons Disease? Listen to the interview to find out! Let's meet Dr. Madeleine Hackney...

More information about Madeleine and her research can be found here:




Episode 025: Accepting tango and embracing change
Guest: Miguel Di Genova
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Today's special guest started off as an architect. But today, he's better known as the director and lead singer of Otros Aires, one of the most popular and influential modern tango bands. With a career spanning over 14 years, he has released 5 studio albums, a live album, and a documentary film. He and his group have toured through Europe as well as North and South America, performing in well over 200 cities. Their band's Youtube channel boasts over a million visitors, and the've got thousands of Facebook followers. Their music has been featured on shows such as "Dancing with the Stars" in the US, and "Strictly Come Dancing" in the UK. And I bet you've heard their music at many milongas as well. Let's meet Miguel Di Genova...

More on Miguel and Otros Aires here:


On Facebook


Episode 024: Beating the "constant state of panic"
Guest: Vania Rey
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Today's special guest began teaching tango in Berlin, Germany back in 2002. In 2005 she was invited to teach in New York City, and eventually relocated to North America. She travels regularly, and in addition to teaching, she's also a DJ. To date, she has taught in over 40 cities worldwide. Let's meet Vania Rey...

More on Vania here: https://vaniatango.com/


Episode 023: Let out your evil side
Guests: Adam Ashton Hoopengardner & Ciko Tanik
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My guests today are a prominent couple based out of New York City. They have studied and danced all over the world, and they're known for their humor and very playful creativity. Let's meet Adam Ashton Hoopengardner and Ciko Tanik...

More on Adam and Ciko:

Their website

Their Facebook


Episode 022: Liz and Yannick Vanhove
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Today's guests have been dancing tango ever since they were teenagers. Eventually, they took the leap and became full-time tango instructors. Since then, they have worked tirelessly on their craft, and have gained international acclaim as both teachers and competitive performers.

More on Liz and Yannick: http://www.liz-yannick.com/


Episode 021: Do it like a man!
Guests: Kara Wenham & Dominic Bridge
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Today's guests are Kara Wenham and Dominic Bridge. Kara was first introduced to tango in 2000, coming from a professional background in acting and theater. She has taught all around the globe, and has spent many years living in Buenos Aires, She is now based out of Berlin, Germany.

Dominic specializes in social tango dancing - he's been a full time tango dancer since 2007, and he's also taught and performed internationally. He is the founder of PDX Tango in his home city of Portland, Oregon. 

As of this recording in the fall of 2017, Kara and Dominic have only recently begun working together professionally - so we're catching them at a very exciting time!

More on Kara & Dominic:





Episode 020: Get better by sucking at it first
Guest: Stephane Koch (El Turquito)
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Today's special guest is a central figure in European Tango scenes. He is based out of Paris, France, and is a well known teacher, organizer, and DJ... and he is the guitarist of the group Cuarteto Belgrano. Let's meet Stepháne Koch, aka El Turquito...

More on El Turquito here: http://www.turquito.com


Episode 019: Embrace Possibility
Guest: Daniela Borgialli
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Our guest today started off as contemporary dancer who later discovered Argentine Tango whlie working on her MFA in Dance and Choreography. She taught tango at Arizona State University for 11 years, and during that time she introduced more that 1500 students to the dance. 

She has held tango classes all over the US, Europe, and in Buenos Aires. With a teaching style that emphasizes technique and body biomechanics, she authored THE TANGO WORKBOOK 1ST EDITION in 2015. It's a book designed for beginning tango students, based on her years of teaching at ASU. Let's meet Daniela Borgialli...

More on Daniela here: http://www.accesstango.com


Episode 018: Teach your teachers
Guest: Tomás Howlin
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Today's guest is a Tango teacher and performer with over 20 years of experience. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, his style is known for being rooted in Argentine traditions. He has performed in the most respected tango clubs in BA during the tango renaissance, and has taught in the most well-known tango academies there as well. A true artist and ambassador of tango, we are very lucky to have him on the podcast. Let's meet Tomás Howlin....

More on Tomas: 

Website: http://www.tomastango.com/

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Episode 017: Tango harmonica, and the importance of experimentation
Guest: Joe Powers
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Today's guest is an internationally renown harmonica virtuoso, who's made quite a splash with a variety of music genres, such as Jazz, Classical, Blues, Pop, Hip hop, Latin, and many others. Of course, he is widely known as a tango musician. 

In 2008, he was the winner of the Belgian Crystal Harmonica Award in the Classical Division. He has taught and performed all over the world - he's appeared on TV and radio, and on the tango side of things, he has collaborated with a number of masters and music groups, such as Tanghetto, Narcotango, Color Tango, Otros Aires, and he's shared the bill with the legendary Alberto Podesta as well. Let's meet Joe Powers...

More on Joe Powers here: http://www.joepowers.com


Episode 016: Let your tango evolve
Guest: Alex Krebs
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Today's special guest has been teaching worldwide since 1998. He also directs a tango sextet, and is a well-known bandoneon player. His studio, Tango Berretin, is located in the great city of Portland, OR. Let's meet Alex Krebs...

More on Alex: http://www.alextango.com


Episode 015: Patience and the tango learning process
Guest: Mariana Galassi
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Today's guest is an internationally renown tango instructor and performer. She has trained closely with tango masters Chicho Frumboli, Lucia Mazer, Gustavo Naveira, Julio Balmaceda, Corina de la Rosa, among others. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, she also has a background in ballet and contact improvisation. In 2000, she moved to New York City, where she directed the Argentine Tango program at the Sandra Cameron Dance Center. She has taught at numerous tango festivals, including Portland Valentango, Chicago Tango Week, the New York City Summer Tango Festival, CITA (Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino), DC Tango Sutra, and there are many more on that list. As a performer, she has toured with several high-profile tango shows, including "Romance de Tango," by Leonardo Paz, and "Tango Glamour," which was directed by world-renown pianist Polly Ferman. Let's meet Mariana Galassi

More on Mariana:


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Episode 014: "Good tango is like good pasta..."
Guest: Candi Woods
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Today's guest is an instructor and organizer in Lincoln, Nebraska. Seeing that her local tango community needed growth, she took some bold steps to generate interest by organizing more social events and bringing in big-name dancers to conduct workshops. On top of that, she also managed to create a tango class at Southeast Community College. After making steady progress, she's become a major player in the Nebraska tango scene, and continues to hold regular classes and events. Let's meet Candi Woods...

More about Candi here:

On Facebook

Information on tango in Nebraska


Episode 013: "Follow the good leaders, have fun with the rest"
Guest: Sabine Ibes
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Today's guest is a central figure in the Minneapolis Tango community, and is one of the founders of the Argentine Tango Club at the University of Minnesota. She's been dancing ever since she was a child, having studied jazz, classical ballet, and ballroom. After moving to the US from the Netherlands and starting a family, she eventually fell in love with Argentine Tango. Immersing herself in learning the dance, she embarked on a life-long adventure that has taken her all over the world. In 2016 she was invited to teach at CITA (Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino), which is arguably the most prominent tango event in the world, and the longest running tango conference in Buenos Aires. Presently, she teaches at Dance Life Ballroom studio in Minneapolis, and she is heavily involved with innovating the tango learning process. Let's meet meet Sabine Ibes...

More information on Sabine:


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Episode 012: Know what you want from tango
Guests: Micaela Barrett & Alberto Ramos
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Today's guests are Micaela Colleen Barrett and Alberto Ramos Cordero, from the Cleveland Tango School in Cleveland, Ohio. Micaela has a very artistic background with experience in painting, graphic design, theater, Tai-Chi, and other forms of creative expression. She first came into the world of Argentine tango as a teenager, and in time, became enamored with the dance. 

Alberto has trained at the Mark Morris Dance Company in Brooklyn, he's taught at the Hunter College Tango Club, and the YOU SHOULD BE DANCING studio in NYC. In Puerto Rico, he has taught alongside instructors and performers of Y ENTONCES TANGO.

More about Micaela & Alberto, and links to where you can help donate to hurricane relief:

Their Website

On Facebook 

Ramos Family hurricane relief fund 

American Red Cross Hurricane Maria relief


Episode 011: The view from a world class bandoneon player
Guest: Ben Bogart
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Ben Bogart is the co-director and founder of the tango group, Cuarteto Tanguero. He is also the group's bandoneon player. Ben studied classical music at UC Santa Cruz and jazz at Berklee College of Music before traveling to Argentina to pursue a 2-year certificate at the esteemed Orquesta Escuela de Tango Emilio Balcarce in Buenos Aires. He spent a total of 6 years in Argentina, and studied with the top bandoneón players and tango musicians there. Ben has also performed with multiple grammy award winners, and has been featured as a bandoneón soloist with the Cincinnati Opera, the Dallas Chamber Orchestra, the Lexington Philharmonic, and many others.

More on Ben here:




Episode 010: Practice and focus...it goes deeper than we think
Guests: Somer Surgit and Jessica Stserbakova
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Our guests today have been mesmerizing tango enthusiasts all over the world since they began their partnership in 2012. Known for their smooth, elegant dancing style and very personable teaching method, they are an absolute pleasure to dance with and learn from. Let's meet Somer Surgit and Jessica Stserbakova.

More on Somer and Jessica here...

Their website 

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Episode 009: Dance what you both know
Guest: Rod Relucio
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My guest today is known for his creative tango style, which due in part to his background in hip-hop dancing, seamlessly incorporates the traditional and non-traditional. He has taught at numerous festivals in dozens of cities, always bringing with him a strong does of infectious energy. His passionate, nurturing teaching style has earned him a huge following, and further demonstrates his commitment to seeing communities grow.

Let's meet Rod Relucio...

More on Rod here:

312 movement: http://www.312movement.com/

On Facebook

Info on the Windy City Tango Festival

Episode 008: The view from a world class violinist
Guest: Daniel Stein
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Today's guest is one of the founding members of the renown tango quartet, Cuarteto Tanguero. As a world class violinist, he has shared the stage with numerous Grammy Award-winning musicians, and has appeared in dozens of radio and television broadcasts both in the US and abroad. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of tango music, its history, nuances, and relation with dancers. Let's meet...Daniel Stein.

More information about Daniel and his projects: 

Episode 007: Your peers are a huge resource
Guest: Mitra Martin
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Today's guest has been involved in organizing numerous prominent tango events around the US. She is known for her innovative teaching approach, and commitment to help her students reach their full creative potential. Currently, she's working on ways to unlock the potential of university tango clubs, and focusing on the importance of peer learning. Let's meet Mitra Martin...

Find out more about Mitra here: mitramartin.com

And on Linkedin  

Episode 006: Start with caring
Guest: Vance Rightmire
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The Austin Spring Tango Festival is one of the biggest tango events in the US, drawing hundreds of tango enthusiasts and a roster of amazing tango teachers. But how did it begin? We'll meet the man who started it all, and hear his take on the key ingredients needed to build a successful community. Let's meet Vance Rightmire...

More information on the Austin Spring Tango Festival

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Where you can find out about tango in Austin


Episode 005: Don't forget about personal authenticity
Guest: Oliver Kolker
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Today's guest is a tango instructor who has taught workshops all over the globe. His energy, passion, and humor make an immediate impression, and his insights into the dance have inspired countless tango students. In addition to teaching, he's the writer/co-director/co-star of the film Fermin: Glorias del Tango. In addition to working on a second film, he's also the creator behind Pelando Variación, an eye-popping, innovative tango competition that's set to tour the world soon.

Let's meet Oliver Kolker...

Find out more about Oliver and his projects here:

On Facebook

Pelando Variacion on Facebook

Blog: https://oliverkolker.wordpress.com/about/

Film link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3377374/?ref_=nv_sr_1


Episode 004: Working towards goals & contributing to a close-knit community
Guests: George & Jairelbhi Furlong
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Today's guests are internationally renown dancers, teachers, and choreographers. Based in Dallas, Texas, they founded Evolutiontango in 2005. They have some very helpful strategies on how to move our tango forward, as well as ways to help foster a supportive, close-knit community. Let's meet George and Jairelbhi Furlong.

Find out more about George and Jairelbhi here: evolutiontango.com


Episode 003: The Art of Organizing
Guests: Gimena Gordillo and Lindsey Zan
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After immersing themselves in tango, Lindsey Zan and Gimena Gordillo decided to take their love of this dance several steps further. To help their community grow, they've been  inviting world-class tango instructors to regularly visit their home city of New Orleans. Visiting teachers bring in a fresh perspective, and can help maintain the energy level that every tango community needs. So what does it take to step up and take the initiative? Let's find out!

More information about Lindsey and Gimena here: https://milongaosada.wordpress.com/

On Facebook

And more information on Tango in NOLA 

Episode 002: Tango decoded
Guest: James Valentino
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James has been dancing all his life, and later began his professional career in ballroom. Then, one day he fell in love with Argentine Tango, which is what he's best known for. His go-getter attitude and tireless work ethic has made him an incredibly accomplished dancer, with a reputation for bringing out the best in his students. He keeps busy as the owner of City Style Tango, a dynamic and energetic studio located just outside Detroit. In 2016 hosted the Motor City Tango Festival, and plans on bringing it back soon. 

Find out more about James at citystyletango.org
And on Facebook

Episode 001: It's more than just a dance
Guest: Jordana Del Feld

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Jordana is a tango instructor and DJ based in northern CA who has danced and taught all over the world. She has a multidisciplinary background which includes yoga, martial arts, yoga, Flamenco, and even Haitian Snake dances. She's also a licensed bodyworker, Reiki Master, as well as a massage therapist...so it's no surprise that Jordana's approach to tango involves a lot of body-awareness. But intertwined with that is a deep mental element as well.

Find out more about Jordana here: jordanadelfeld.com