We are at the happiest point in our life, and we really do not need any gifts. First, it's enough of a gift to us if you can celebrate with us on this important day. Second, many of you will be coming from far away, and we do not take that for granted. Third, traditionally, the purpose of wedding gifts is to equip a couple with household goods for their first home. Since Joe and I already have more household items than we could possibly want (having had to merge two households when we moved in together), the traditional "need" for gifts is void. So please, do not feel obligated to give us a gift!

But if you really do want to give us a gift, we realize it might be difficult to think of something for a perfectly happy couple who have no further wishes to fulfill! Well, maybe there's one wish left, a happy honeymoon. Here are some ideas of how you could sweeten that up for us: click here